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Running a Pelican Blog on Docker Cloud with Let's Encrypt

It's 2017 and my blog was starting to look a little dated so I decided it was time for a face-lift. While I was at it, I overhauled the way I deploy my blog too.

Taming Netlink

Netlink is a Linux Kernel interface that is used to talk Networking between Kernel processes, or from userland to Kernel processes. This...

Experimenting with Kernel-powered Open vSwitch and Docker

I've been thinking about running Docker on CoreOS and Project Atomic lately... While the deployment model would be pretty different to what we are used to, I have 50% of the work already done in docker-ovs so I was interested to see if my containers would work on a system with the Open vSwitch kernel module loaded...

Fun with Fig (and Docker)

I first heard of Fig when I read about Docker acquiring Orchard, a container hosting service, back in July. Last week I finally got to read a little more about it and it just so happens it is the missing piece of the puzzle in a couple of projects that I am working on right now!

Migrating from Wordpress to Pelican on PaaS - Part 3

The final installment in this three part series. This covers installing Dokku and publishing your pelican blog to you new Docker-powere mini-Heroku.

Migrating from Wordpress to Pelican on PaaS - Part 2

Part 2 of a this 3 part series examines how I created my Pelican blog and migrated my Wordpress content with me.

Migrating from Wordpress to Pelican on PaaS - Part 1

I've been blogging with Wordpress for the last 5 years on and off. It has some great features and is very easy to use, but it's not for me. This series of posts documents my transition from Wordpress to Pelican.