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SSH for Python - In search of API perfection

My mission is simple: Establish an SSH connection to a device and run some commands in as few lines as possible. The contenders? Paramiko, Spur and Fabric.

The Scenario

I have a network device, I want to log in via SSH with a username of dave …

A NetOps to DevOps Training Plan

In one of my rants, I asked people to kindly stop with the "All Network Guys will Need to be Programmers" FUD. My recommendation was basically for Networkers to be open to change, and to start broadening their horizons. DevOps is coming to networking and that is a FACT. You …

Migrating from Wordpress to Pelican on PaaS - Part 3

The final installment in this three part series. This covers installing Dokku and publishing your pelican blog to you new Docker-powere mini-Heroku.

Part 3: Publishing to PaaS with Dokku

The Plan

If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2 yet, this should give you some background as to what …

Python bindings for the HP VAN SDN Controller

For the last 9 months, I've been silently working on a little pet project. It's finally ready to be released in to the wild and to be used by one and all for creating Python-based SDN Applications for the HP VAN SDN Controller.

Introducing the hp-sdn-client

When I started working …

Migrating from Wordpress to Pelican on PaaS - Part 2

Part 2 of a this 3 part series examines how I created my Pelican blog and migrated my Wordpress content with me.

Part 2: The Wordpress to Pelican Migration

The Plan

If you haven't read Part 1 already, it will give you some background as to what I'm doing and …

Migrating from Wordpress to Pelican on PaaS - Part 1

I've been blogging with Wordpress for the last 5 years on and off. It has some great features and is very easy to use, but it's not for me. This series of posts documents my transition from Wordpress to Pelican.

Part 1: Motivation and Decisions

What's Wrong With Wordpress?

There …

Using Python for HP SDN

A list of links for getting started to use Python to develop application with the HP VAN SDN Controller.


Python 2 Docs
Python 3 Docs


Python 2 Tutorial
Python 3 Tutorial


Sublime Text
Setting up Sublime Text for Python
PyCharm - A Python IDE

hp-sdn-client library

Code …

Installing Pyenv on Mac OSX

When I’m writing code, I’m usually in OSX. When I want to try things out, or check for compatibility between certain versions of Python, it’s handy to have them all accessible… enter Pyenv. Pyenv is based on Rbenv, which for you non-Rubyists is a tools that allows …

Bypassing the memory check on a VMware ESXi 5

When my new HP ML10 arrived I was ready to install ESXi… until I realised that my 32GB of RAM wouldn’t be on its way for a week! To get around the memory check in ESXi 5.5, I found the awesome instructions here and with a few tweaks …