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Taming Netlink

Netlink is a Linux Kernel interface that is used to talk Networking between Kernel processes, or from userland to Kernel processes. This...

Why I gave up Networking for Software

It's now been 3 months since I transitioned from Networking to Software. This is a retrospective piece on my reasons for giving up on Networking.

Is SDN API directionality absurd?

I was finally catching up on a number of posts I'd saved to read later and noticed the prevalent use of "Northbound" and "Southbound". I'm now starting to question whether these terms are necessary or accurate.

SSH for Python - In search of API perfection

My mission is simple: Establish an SSH connection to a device and run some commands in as few lines as possible. The contenders? Paramiko, Spur and Fabric.

NETCONF, YANG, RESTCONF and NetOps in an SDN World

I've had some great discussion with the OpenDaylight OVSDB team around NETCONF, YANG, RESTCONF and what network operations will look like in an SDN world. This post summarizes where my head is at on this subject.

A NetOps to DevOps Training Plan

In one of my rants, I asked people to kindly stop with the "All Network Guys will Need to be Programmers" FUD. My recommendation was basically for Networkers to be open to change, and to start broadening their horizons. DevOps is coming to networking and that is a FACT. You might be wondering what skills a Network DevOps Engineer needs and here I attempt to answer that.

Python bindings for the HP VAN SDN Controller

For the last 9 months, I've been silently working on a little pet project. It's finally ready to be released in to the wild and to be used by one and all for creating Python-based SDN Applications for the HP VAN SDN Controller.

Using Python for HP SDN

A list of links for getting started to use Python to develop application with the HP VAN SDN Controller.

Using the latest Open vSwitch with Devstack and OpenDaylight

While setting up my OpenDaylight OVSDB and Devstack following the awesome instructions from Kyle Mestery, I thought it would be fun to run the latest OVS from source on my compute nodes...

Stahp it with the Network programmer FUD already

Every week I see somebody ask “will all Network Engineers be programmers” on Twitter, LinkedIn, at a trade show or just to be antagonistic and for no other reason than to start an argument.

The anger inside has been brewing for over 12 months until the pressure valve finally released in the form of this blog post. Expect snark.

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