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2014-2019: In Summary

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. As I'd like to share more in 2020, I thought that a good first post might be to update you all on what I've been working on the last 5 years.

Running a Pelican Blog on Docker Cloud with Let's Encrypt

It's 2017 and my blog was starting to look a little dated so I decided it was time for a face-lift. While I was at it, I overhauled the way I deploy my blog too.

Data-Driven RESTful API Testing for Java

This post is a Zombie that I'm resurrecting from my drafts. I"m not doing any Java these days, but hopefully this post might be useful to somebody

In my quest to get better code coverage for the OVSDB project in OpenDaylight I started to look at increasing coverage for the REST API. It's pretty difficult to test this in an efficient way (lines of code) and frameworks like Robot would have been easier to use. The disadvantage with using an external test framework is that code coverage (using a plugin like JaCoCo) would not be logged. Therefore I harnessed my Junit-Jitsu and found a solution that lives in the JVM

Taming Netlink

Netlink is a Linux Kernel interface that is used to talk Networking between Kernel processes, or from userland to Kernel processes. This post documents how I tamed Netlink and make working with it in Golang easier.

Experimenting with Kernel-powered Open vSwitch and Docker

I've been thinking about running Docker on CoreOS and Project Atomic lately... While the deployment model would be pretty different to what we are used to, I have 50% of the work already done in docker-ovs so I was interested to see if my containers would work on a system with the Open vSwitch kernel module loaded...