Adding Markdown support to your Wordpress Blog

Posted by Dave on 14 June 2013

Continuing on this week's theme of Markdown, I'll be explaining how to add Markdown to your blog in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 - Install the WP-Markdown plugin

From your Wordpress dashboard, head over to the Plugins tab and click Add New. Search for "WP-Markdown" and install

Step 2 - Enable Markdown for specific pages

Once your plugin has been installed, head on down to Settings > Writing and scroll to the Markdown section pictured below.

Enable Markdown

Enable Markdown wherever you like, but I'd recommend pages and posts

WARNING: Enabling Markdown will affect your existing posts/pages. I noticed that while my posts didn't look any different on the outside, behind the scenes they were a mess and required a little trying up.

Step 3 - Try it out

Create a new post or page and practice your Markdown-Fu. Not sure where to start? Here's an example

# This is a first level heading

Here is some body text

## Second level of heading here
### And a Third
#### And so on and so forth

- Now some bullets
- Hopefully you are getting the hang of this now
- It's pretty easy

> Blockquotes are easy with Markdown too

Happy writing