Arduino: Using my MelodyUtils library for R2-D2 style chirps

Posted by Dave on 22 April 2013

As part of a small robotics project I've been working on this weekend (affectionately called CoBe1, there will be a follow up blog on that soon) I decided to give by robot some personality in the form a a voice, and uploaded some of my code to GitHub.

While Arduino is capable of playing music and sounds from an SD Card I wanted something a little more authentic… something similar to R2-D2's chirps from Star Wars. I had a [mini 8Ohm speaker][] lying around and following the tutorials [here][] it was easy to get it hooked up to my Arduino Uno and start making sounds. By adjusting the default melody and timings I got part way to achieving my R2-D2 style attitude, but notes on their own just didn't cut it. What I needed was some articulations. I got coding and whipped up a library that makes it easy to use glissando and tremolo. Want to give it a try? Grab the code on [GitHub][] Here's a simple example sketch:

#include <pitches.h>;

void setup()
  MelodyUtils mel(8);
  mel.Glis(NOTE_C3, NOTE_C4, 5);
  mel.Trem(NOTE_C3, 1000, 30);

void loop()

This is as far as I got this weekend. Next weekend I plan to add a few more articulations and finalise my R2-D2 style chirps. Watch this space!

[mini 8Ohm speaker]: [here]: [GitHub]: