My Dotfiles. Now on Github

Posted by Dave on 26 February 2014

Dotfiles are all those . files that sit in your ~ and customize your system. Here are mine.

Until a few weeks ago I had no idea that people hosted their dotfiles on GitHub, and now I am one of them... There are two reasons for this:

  1. For sharing awesome customizations with the community
  2. As a backup plan. I can now clone this repo and customize a new system.

To point 2, I've gone one step further than just including my dotfiles. I've also included all of my system customizations and installers for the packages I use most. Why a new repository and not a fork you might ask? The honest answer is that there wasn't one repo that fit my tastes well enough so I ended up taking what I considered to be the "best" elements from a number of other repos. This is still a work-in-progress and I am comitting changes every time I find somehting new and exciting, or tire of a specific setting.

What I like about my dotfiles:

  • Uses the Base16 Ocean theme
  • Nicely Organised
    • Top-level folder for each function
    • Files with extension .symlink are symlinked to the home folder
  • Multi-Platform MakeFile-based installer
    • Each folder can have an install script (for all platforms, or platform specific)
    • make dotfiles for just dotfiles
    • make mac | windows | linux for platform specifics
  • Brewfile based install for all OSX packages/apps
    • This installs packages usning Homebrew
    • Apps are installed unsing the homebrew-cask tap






What's included

  • Oh-My-Zsh
    • Agnoster theme
    • Base 16 Ocean Shell Color Fix
    • Any .zsh file in the dotfiles project is included in zshrc
  • Ubuntu Mono fonts (vanilla and powerline modded)
  • A massive gitconfig with some helpful aliases
  • Homebrew
    • Installs Homebrew AND brew install's all of my favourite packages
    • Uses homebrew-cask to install all my applications
  • Base16-Ocean colors for IntelliJ (and other IDEA IDE's)
  • Base16-Ocean iTerm2 colors
  • Vain Hacker defaults for OSX (hacker defaults + eye candy)
  • My Python settings
    • Pip install useful packages
    • Python dotfiles
  • Some sensible Ruby settings
  • Sublime Text
    • Spacegray theme and Base16-Ocean Colors
    • Package Control and a lot of plugins
    • Customizations for Python development
  • Vim
    • Base 16 Ocean colors
    • A very basic vimrc


There is a big community on GitHub where there are hundreds of great repositories. These are some of the "best" that I have borrowed from:


My dotfiles are Open Source, Copyright 2014 Dave Tucker, Licensed under the MIT License.


These are my dotfiles. If you like them, fork the repo on GitHub and customise them for your own use. Find something awesome? Raise a pull request and contribute it upstream! Want to borrow something? Just acknowledge my repo.