Dave Tucker

Tales of an engineer in the wild

Applescript - Rename PDF to Title from Metadata

Today I downloaded a the full set of Configuration and Command references for the HP 12500 Series Switch from HP.com. When I looked in my download finder they were all helpfully named "cXXXXXX.pdf". Interestingly enough the title in the metadata seemed to be correct, so I wrote an AppleScript to batch rename them.

Grabbing IETF RFCs and I-Ds in ebook format using rsync

IETF drafts get no love from my Tablet. I 've tried sending drafts to Instapaper for offline reading, I've tried using Readability but all of these fail to render correctly. Is it too much to ask to be able to read RFC's on the go?

My MacBook Air Docking Solution

I decomissioned my CustoMac to return it to its origins as a gaming rig. This was mainly due to the fact that trying to keep my MacBook and CustoMac in sync was turing out to be very labour intensive... This means I am using my Macbook Air as my main office PC but its limited I/O was proving to be a little bit of a problem!