Dave Tucker

Tales of an engineer in the wild

Rolling back to Maven 3.0.X on OSX (Homebrew)

Creating a Vagrant base box for RHEL with Bento

I <3 the Opscode Bento project. I use the Amazon S3 hosted images for pretty much all of my Vagrant boxes. When I started to use RHEL, I didn't want to make an exception... Fortunately Bento allows you to build your own RHEL, OSX or Windows boxes using Packer. This is how I built my RHEL 6.4 x64 box, but this process should work for any other box you want to build manually...

My pinboard bookmarks for 17 May 2014

Things of note that were discovered on the web this week.

OpFlex - is the abstraction in the right place?

It's been a few weeks since Cisco announced OpFlex and I've just finished gathering my thoughts...

SSH for Python - In search of API perfection

My mission is simple: Establish an SSH connection to a device and run some commands in as few lines as possible. The contenders? Paramiko, Spur and Fabric.