Dave Tucker

Tales of an engineer in the wild

NETCONF, YANG, RESTCONF and NetOps in an SDN World

I've had some great discussion with the OpenDaylight OVSDB team around NETCONF, YANG, RESTCONF and what network operations will look like in an SDN world. This post summarizes where my head is at on this subject.

Installing KVM, Libvirt and Open vSwitch on Fedora

In my NetOps to DevOps Training Plan I mentioned installing KVM, Libvirt and Open vSwitch. I did this a few weeks ago and documented it to produce this tutorial. My motivation was to replace my VMware environment at home with something Open Source. I am also a strong believer in "eat your own dog food" and as a lot of the work I am doing in the Open Source community centers around these 3 technologies, I should get used to using them every day...

Network Flavors in OpenDaylight

OpenStack uses the concept of flavors to define compute/storage configurations that vary in terms of resource consumption. When we start to consume the network as a resource pool, we need a similar concept. This post explains how this is achieved in the context of the Flavors application in the OpenDaylight project

A NetOps to DevOps Training Plan

In one of my rants, I asked people to kindly stop with the "All Network Guys will Need to be Programmers" FUD. My recommendation was basically for Networkers to be open to change, and to start broadening their horizons. DevOps is coming to networking and that is a FACT. You might be wondering what skills a Network DevOps Engineer needs and here I attempt to answer that.

My Dotfiles. Now on Github

Dotfiles are all those . files that sit in your ~ and customize your system. Here are mine.