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Remote Debugging OpenDaylight with IntelliJ

Remote Debugging OpenDaylight with IntelliJ is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Using the latest Open vSwitch with Devstack and OpenDaylight

While setting up my OpenDaylight OVSDB and Devstack following the awesome instructions from Kyle Mestery, I thought it would be fun to run the latest OVS from source on my compute nodes...

Bypassing the memory check on a VMware ESXi 5

When my new HP ML10 arrived I was ready to install ESXi… until I realised that my 32GB of RAM wouldn’t be on its way for a week! To get around the memory check in ESXi 5.5, I found the awesome instructions here and with a few tweaks was able to get this working. Here are the 20 steps that I followed…

Installing Pyenv on Mac OSX

When I’m writing code, I’m usually in OSX. When I want to try things out, or check for compatibility between certain versions of Python, it’s handy to have them all accessible… enter Pyenv. Pyenv is based on Rbenv, which for you non-Rubyists is a tools that allows you to set up Ruby environments that are scoped either globally, per-shell or per-folder!

The definitve guide to setting up a USB Serial adapter and iTerm2 on OSX

Using a few guides on the web and a little bit of ingenuity I was able to get my FTDI-based, USB to 2x Serial adapter working in Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks with iTerm 2. This post documents the process and resources used in the hope of becoming the definitive guide to setting up a USB serial adapter in OSX and using iTerm2 as the terminal emulator. Even if it isn’t quite definitive, it should at least be useful to others - I hope!