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Tales of an engineer in the wild

HP VAN SDN Controller - Download, Manuals and Forum Links

As things are sometime hard to find on HP.com, I thought I’d consolidate them here.

Stahp it with the Network programmer FUD already

Every week I see somebody ask “will all Network Engineers be programmers” on Twitter, LinkedIn, at a trade show or just to be antagonistic and for no other reason than to start an argument.

The anger inside has been brewing for over 12 months until the pressure valve finally released in the form of this blog post. Expect snark.

Configuring the HP MSR930 for BT Infinity

After trying in vain to make my BT Home Hub 3 work as a Proper Router™ for my home lab I decided to take the plunge and get something better. Seeing as I work at HP, I thought I’d try the HP MSR 930

Learning though experimentation and breaking things

Lifehacker suggested“Learning to Code by Breaking Someone Else’s Code” and I wanted to share my personal experiences with this method….

Making JSON more Readable with Sublime Text

I saw Scott Lowe’s post on how he is making JSON more readable in BBEdit and I thought I’d share how I’m doing this in Sublime Text.