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Adding Markdown support to your Wordpress Blog

Continuing on this week's theme of Markdown, I'll be explaining how to add Markdown to your blog in 3 easy steps.

Agile Writing - Week 1 - Getting Started with JIRA, GreenHopper and Markdown

I finished reading The Phoenix Project at the beginning of May and it has had a profound affect on my outlook towards work. Not only was this a great read, but while I was reading I kept getting ideas on how I could implement the three ways at work. This diary documents the transition to an Agile Writing workflow.

Using Pandoc with Marked app

I recently changed from MultiMarkdown to Pandoc. But I still wanted to use Marked app to preview my work…

Why I switched from MultiMarkdown to Pandoc

For the last 6 months I've been using Markdown where I can. Since embarking on the path towards a more Agile approach to writing, it has been necessary to use Markdown more and more. This has led me towards using Pandoc Markdown rather than MultMarkdown as my dialect of choice and I hope to explain why.

Arduino: Using my MelodyUtils library for R2-D2 style chirps

As part of a small robotics project I've been working on this weekend (affectionately called CoBe1, there will be a follow up blog on that soon) I decided to give by robot some personality in the form a a voice, and uploaded some of my code to GitHub.