Before I Forget (Original Game Soundtrack)

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© Copyright 2020 Dave Tucker. All Rights Reserved

Composed and Produced by Dave Tucker

Album artwork adapted from game art created by Claire Morwood and AJ Murdoch for Before I Forget.

Special thanks to Chella Ramanan, Claire Morwood and the Before I Forget Team.

Additional Thanks to Raquel De Miranda for naming Pra Me Lembrar Amanhã.

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Licensing for Content Creators

This license applies ONLY to creators that are streaming on YouTube/Mixer/Twitch.

The context in which you may use the music is limited to:

  1. Discussion about the game, "Before I Forget"
  2. Discussion about the music of the game, "Before I Forget"

If you require any other type of license then you MUST contact me first at [email protected]

You are granted a royalty free license under the following terms and conditions:

  1. You MUST purchase a copy of the music legally. Streaming does not count as a purchase.
  2. The music MUST accompany original content, created by yourself
  3. You MUST credit me. The credit MUST include the tracks used, my name, the copyright statement, and a link back to this page. For example: "Before I Forget". Composed & Produced by Dave Tucker. © Copyright 2020 Dave Tucker. All Rights Reserved. Purchase it here!
  4. The full text of the credit MUST appear in the video description or stream chat.
  5. You COULD (and I'd really appreciate it if you did) show an abbreviated form of the credit on screen when the music is in use. For example: Now Playing: "Before I Forget" by Dave Tucker. Buy it now!
  6. You MUST NOT claim the music as your own
  7. You MAY NOT sell the music
  8. You MAY NOT distribue the music illegally
  9. You MAY NOT use this music in content which is intentionally offensive to others
  10. This license is not transferrable to any project outside of your streaming channel

I'd also appreciate it if you sent me a link to the video/stream when you publish! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.