Dave Tucker

Tales of an engineer in the wild

Is SDN API directionality absurd?

I was finally catching up on a number of posts I'd saved to read later and noticed the prevalent use of "Northbound" and "Southbound". I'm now starting to question whether these terms are necessary or accurate.

Why I gave up Networking for Software

It's now been 3 months since I transitioned from Networking to Software. This is a retrospective piece on my reasons for giving up on Networking.

Fun with Fig (and Docker)

I first heard of Fig when I read about Docker acquiring Orchard, a container hosting service, back in July. Last week I finally got to read a little more about it and it just so happens it is the missing piece of the puzzle in a couple of projects that I am working on right now!

Response - Do We Need To Redefine Open?

Tom Hollingsworth wrote a great post on whether or not we need to redefine "Open". My response was too long for a comment, so here it is!

Building a router with Open vSwitch

As part of my work in OpenDaylight, we are looking at creating a router using Open vSwitch... Why? Well OpenStack requires some limited L3 capabilities and we think that we can handle those in a distributed router.